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August 23 - 25

Osan Air Base, South Korea, Mustang Center

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What's this about?

Pitch & Prototype Weekend is open to any idea and anyone that can access Osan Air Base, bringing together innovative thinkers, tinkerers, high performers, and general doers for a weekend long rapid prototyping event. Participants bring their ideas or a desire to contribute and help take an idea to something ready to prototype. From well vetted proposals to 3d printed tools, the ultimate mission is to learn by doing. Demo day winners will be presented with the prestigious Pitch & Prototype trophy.

How does it work?

Show up with an idea or ready to form a team.

60 seconds to pitch an idea. What is it and what talent is needed.

Build or join a team.

Begin building your prototype!

Pitch & Prototype Schedule

So, how can I participate?

You can participate at Pitch & Prototype Weekend as the following roles:


The main role in the event, you're the whole reason we're doing this. If you have an idea, great! If not, an idea will need your help! Engineering, designing, writing, project management, coding, metalworking, or just your hands. You'll contribute something!


A critical part to rapidly prototyping is knowing the ins-and-outs of DOD infrastructure, or having the experience building projects before. There may be a need for drafting diagrams, 3d modeling, or deploying software applications. Your experience will help keep ideas moving throughout the weekend.


In order to execute the greatest grassroots innovation competition, we need help. We'd love to show off the awesome organizations and businesses that helped make this happen. Contact us if you're interested!

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